Getting Apple News in the UK

Those who have upgraded their iPhones to iOS 9 may have noticed that Apple News isn't on their home screen. For some reason, UK phones aren't showing it.

There is, however, a way to fix this. It involves a few configuration changes in the Settings app:

  • General > Language & Region > Region: Set to "United States". This is the change which will cause the app to appear: the rest of the steps just fixes location specific items back to UK settings.
  • General > Language & Region > Language: Set to "English (U.K.)"
  • General > Date & Time > 24-Hour Time: Turn on
  • General > Keyboards > Keyboards: Confirm "English (UK)" is being used

You may need to reboot your phone in order for Apple News to appear.

There will be a couple of places which still use US formats, such as dates, but I've used my iPhone like this for the past few months and I haven't noticed any big problems.

To put your phone back to how it was, simply change the Region (the first step above) back to "United Kingdom".