Pricing iPhones competitively

Jason Snell, on the new iPhone Upgrade Program:

At the very least, the iPhone Upgrade Program gives Apple an alternative way to sell iPhones in Apple retail stores. And wouldn’t it be nice if more people weren’t under contract with wireless carriers and if they could take advantage of an unlocked phone to buy a foreign SIM when traveling internationally?

Is Apple competing with the carriers here? Subverting them? Something else? I don’t know, but it’s an announcement that took me by surprise, and I’ll be curious to see how it shakes out.

Remember the rumours about Apple launching their own mobile network?

Looks like, they aren't: they're just competing with the networks when it comes to selling the iPhone.

I like it: iPhones are expensive to buy outside of a mobile contract, and hopefully this will encourage more providers to price their contracts competitively.